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West Valley Guns is the premiere pawn shop near me on the west side, offering multiple ways to get the cash you need.   In addition, our pawn shop strives to make the best cash offers possible, and turn that offer into cash in your hands!  Most importantly, our pawnbrokers are well equipped, skilled and experienced, to assess valuables, and calculate our offer quickly.  When it comes down to needing fast cash, come on in to West Valley Guns.  Or if you are looking for firearms, accessories, ammo, etc., without the sting of retail price tags, we are the pawn shop you can rely on!

However, what makes us stand out the most, is that the offers we present on an item to buy, are only slightly more than our pawn loan offers.  Because, we understand that are things that you have, that you are not willing to part with, no matter how much you need money.  And, we do not feel that an offer should drastically drop to pawn an item, rather than outright sell.  That’s why Avondale trusts West Valley Guns to help them get the cash they need, within 15 minutes or less.

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Diamonds – Jewelry – Bullion – Electronics – Tools – Gift Cards – And so much more!

Pawn Items of Value

Short Term Pawn Loans at Avondale's Best Pawn ShopSecuring pawn loans is our bread and butter at West Valley Guns.  This is the main service that our customers from the west side come seeking.  Our experienced pawnbrokers inspect whatever items the customers bring in.  We take into consideration its overall visual appeal, ensure that all functions work properly, and everything it came with is present.  After that, we check the current market value of the same item’s make and model.  Based on this, we present you with our offer.  Our assessments, and valuations are free of charge, and are never under any obligation to accept the offers from our pawn shop.

If our offer is accepted, we’ll need to see your valid and current Drivers License, or state ID.  After that, and a few signatures, we count out the offer in cash, directly to you.  From start to finish, it takes as little as fifteen minutes or less.  When it’s done, we put cold, hard cash right into your hand.

The beauty in our pawn loans is that literally anything of value can be exchanged for cash in your pocket.  While West Valley Guns obviously specializes in firearms, ammo, gun scopes accessories, tactical gear and more.  The best part is you can simply walk in, and pawn your item in minutes to get your cash.  There is no easier way to get the fast cash you need in Avondale than at our pawn shop.

Sell Your Goods To Our Pawn Shop

Pawn Shop with fast cash offers to sell to West Valley GunsIf you don’t want to have to worry about a pawn loan payment 90 days down the line, then that’s alright too!  When our pawnbrokers evaluate all items, we come up with both a loan price and a sell price.  There’s no obligation to take out a loan on your item whatsoever.  West Valley Guns will happily purchase the item from you and pay you the cash you deserve.  With many things, we can even offer you a higher percentage of cash for your valuables!  From Glendale to Avondale to Goodyear, West Valley Guns is here to put cash in your pocket no matter the circumstances.

Shop Our Ever-Expanding Inventory

Due to our business, we’re home to some of the largest inventory of jewelry, electronics, and guns that you’ll find in Phoenix.  These come at some of the best prices you’ll find, and our workersWest Valley Guns Pawn Shop tirelessly work to ensure they’re all in excellent condition when they hit our shelves.  You will find valuable items at a reasonable price.  For instance, a gold necklace, used TV, used computer/tablet, than you will at West Valley Guns.

So what’re you waiting for?  Come visit the best pawn shop Avondale has to offer.  If you need cash for your guns today, then come pay us a visit.  You can reach us via text at (623) 263-1555, through our live chat at the bottom right of the screen, or by giving us a call or visiting the store.  We’re here to give our customers the cash they need and deserve, so let us help today!

Serving Avondale, Phoenix, Glendale, Goodyear and the Greater Phoenix Area with Pawn and Loans today!