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Pawn handguns for cash on a 90 day loanIt is hard not to gain an interest and purchase an array of pistols and revolvers.  Because of either their style, capabilities or accessibility, it’s easy to acquire a collection.  Meanwhile, it is quite too familiar that many of us have been impacted with financial hardships recently.  As a result, it feels as if you have no choice but to liquidate your assets.  That’s not true!  Because, West Valley Guns can help you get cash without sacrificing any valuables to do so.  Moreover, you can pawn handguns at our pawn shop, for almost the same amount of cash, and 90 days to pay off the loan!

Handguns We Offer Cash Loans On

Since the 16th Century, we have had firearms on our side to protect us.  Today this still holds true.  And, even more so, they can help you secure a loan with the most cash possible when you pawn handguns at West Valley Pawn and Guns.  However they have been used, for target shooting or for sport, we welcome them all!  While we can not list every single gun, we offer pawn loans on, we want to present a few.

Here’s a list of the most popular handguns brought in for pawn loans:

Pawn Handguns at West Valley Guns! We provide free assessments and the most cash possible!

  • Glock
    • 19
    • 43
    • 48
  • Taurus G2C
  • Sig Sauer
    • P320
    • P365
  • Smith & Wesson
    • M&P 2.0
    • Model 19
    • Model 29
  • Ruger
    • LCP II
    • Blackhawk

To pawn handguns, bring them to the store in their best possible conditionHelpful hints on getting the most money possible when you pawn handguns:

  1. Do not forget to bring any and all the accessories that came with or that you purchased separately for your handgun.
  2. Any receipts you have from the purchase or any certificates of authenticity is a definite plus!
  3. The original box or packaging that the firearm came in is also an additional item of value. 

Cash Offers To Pawn Handguns 

Our offers rely on our manager’s valuation of each gun on their own accord.  His skills and experience in our industry allow him to assess a gun’s value accurately and efficiently!

It all begins with making sure the handgun is in working order.  He will be able to examine the handgun and ensure that it is mechanically able to shoot properly.  Furthermore,  he examines the exterior of the handgun. He’s ensuring that there are no flaws or scratches that affect its visual appeal.  After that, the gun is referenced by what price that same gun is reselling for relatively.  Taking all that into consideration, he is able to present you with the highest cash offer possible!  Whether you accept it or not, is completely up to you.  All of our valuations are complimentary nonetheless, and you are more than welcome to get a second opinion.

Cash to Loan in Just Minutes Hassle Free

90 days to pay back the cash loaned, when you pawn handguns at West Valley GunsWe can turn that handgun into a secured loan, and you will have the cash in your hands in mere minutes!  Once our offer is accepted, we will need you to provide the following items…  First, a valid and current ID, and a few signatures.  After that, watch as we count out the offer in cash, directly to you! While the loan has a balance, your handgun will be safely locked in our vault, waiting to be returned to you!

There are no credit checks, no proof of employment or waiting for days for an approval when you pawn handguns at West Valley Guns!

Click on the bottom right and an associate will get your paperwork started to pawn handguns for cash before you arrive at the store!


All pawn loans at West Valley Pawn and Guns are for 90 days.  You are more than welcome to pay the loan back in full or in increments within that time.  There are never any fees or charges for early payment of the loan.  Even more so, if you pay the loan in its entirety, prior to the 60th day, we will deduct a redemption discount.  That’s right!  We reward you for paying off your loan within the first 59 days!!

However, we also understand if you are unable to meet the requirements in full by the end of the loan term.  So consequently, with paying just the interest accrued, we can rewrite your loan for another 90 days. We can extend this offer as many times as needed.  Once the loan is satisfied, your handgun will be retrieved from our vault to return to you.

The Best Cash Offers from the Best Pawn Shop!

West Valley Pawn and Guns has been committed to giving the best cash offers, along with the best service for over ten years!  We are the one place Avondale, Tolleson and Litchfield Park residents have come to know and trust to pawn handguns and more!

Serving Avondale, Phoenix, Glendale, Goodyear and the Greater Phoenix Area with Pawn and Loans today!