Pawn Ammo

There are times we all find ourselves looking for ways to get extra cash to make ends meet.  Although, that doesn’t necessarily mean that we are willing to sell valuables we’ve worked hard for.  That’s where West Valley Pawn and Guns comes in and can help.  You can come in and pawn ammo in complete and full boxes for the best offers possible.  Moreover, during the loan we secure your valuables in our locked vault.  You will receive them back exactly in the same condition as the day you brought them.

*We offer pawn loans for ammo that are all the same caliber, complete, and boxed.  We do not make any offers on loose or reloaded bullets.

 Pawn Any & All Calibers of Complete Boxes of AmmoWe offer pawn loans on complete boxes of ammo

There are many manufacturers with a variety of the size or caliber of cartridges out there.  We can offer short term loans on almost any brand, grain and caliber you have complete boxes of.

We will inspect the boxed cartridges to ensure that they are all of the same caliber and brand prior to being able to provide a cash offer on a pawn loan.  Whether they are .22LR, .380 ACP, 9mm or .40 S & W rounds, centerfire or rimfire bullets, we can offer cash loans on fully boxed cartridges.

We Can Bundle Ammo, Firearms & Their Accessories for a Loan

To get the most cash possible in one lump sum, we suggest bundling the ammo, accessories and firearms together.  In other words, depending on your financial situation, boxed ammo might not provide the offer you need.  However, if you bundle a firearm, its accessories and the ammo together, it can add up to a stack of cash quickly for a pawn loan.

Each valuable is assessed and refers to its own fair market value separately.  As a result, the cash offer will be presented in one large sum.  West Valley Pawn and Guns strives to get you the most cash possible for your pawn loans.

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Pawn Loan Terms

Our collateral loans are for a 90-day period.  Throughout that duration, you can satisfy the loan and have your valuables returned to you.  Furthermore, if you pay off the loan prior to its end, the interest is pro-rated to date.  In addition, there are no penalties for early payment.  However, if you find yourself unable to pay it off within that time, we can extend the loan.  With paying just the interest accrued, we can give you another 90 days to pay.  This can be done as many times as you need to pay off the loan and receive your valuables once again.  If you find you cannot pay off the loan, you can opt to forfeit them to satisfy the loan.

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