Pawn Rifles

Pawn rifles for cash on a 90 day loan at West Valley Guns

When it comes to hunting or target shooting, rifles have so much to offer.  That rifled barrel gives velocity and accuracy to hit the target and the ability to shoot from great distances.  This provides confidence and security, while having something to show for your time and money.  So consequently, your rifle has been a valuable investment.  It seems these recent times have caused many of us to find less time for leisure and feeling more financially strapped.  Although you are in a bind for cash, it doesn’t mean you can justify to outright sell your firearms.  West Valley Pawn and Guns can help!  When you pawn rifles at our store, you will get the cash you need while your rifle is kept safe in our vault for the loan’s duration.

Cash Loans on Any Make and Model of Rifles

At West Valley Pawn and Guns, we will offer a cash loan on any rifles you bring to our store.  Whether they are an antique or brand new, our pawn loans offer the cash you need.  Our short-term loans allow you to find financial stability, all the while your rifle is kept safe in our vault.  In the end, you will receive your rifle back in the same condition you brought it in.

To make sure you receive the cash amount you are needing, here’s a few tips.  Bring in any and all accessories that came with or you bought for the rifle.  In addition, bring the receipt from purchase or any certificates of authenticity for the rifle.  Finally, if you still have the original packaging or box it came in, that’s always a plus!

Pawn Rifles - West Valley Pawn & GunsHere’s some examples of makes of rifles we’ve given pawn loans on:

  • Remington
  • Winchester
  • Browning
  • Ruger
  • Weatherby
  • Tar Hunt
  • Benelli
  • Savage
  • Ithaca
  • Beretta
  • Mauser
  • And any other brands you bring in!


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Pawn Loans are Hassle Free

A cash loan with West Valley Pawn and Guns is a secure way to get the cash you need and time to pay it back.  It is a fast and efficient way to get the money without the hassle of an unsecured loan through a lender.  There are no credit checks, no employment verification or proof of income needed.  Better yet, there is no waiting to find out if you are approved!

A pawn loan starts with an appraisal, free of charge, on the rifle.  The valuation looks at three things before presenting an offer. First it considers the internal mechanical workings of the rifle.  After that, the exterior condition of the gun, ensuring that it holds its visual appeal.  As a result, this gives us a frame of reference for the rifle’s daily fair market value.  Most importantly, now you are presented with the highest cash offer for a pawn loan.

Upon acceptance of our offer, we finalize the paperwork with a few of your signatures and a valid ID.  As a result, we can now count out the cash and you will have the cash you need.  Your rifle goes directly in our locked vault in the back, and will stay safe, until you return for it when the loan is satisfied.

Want to increase the amount of cash you receive when you pawn rifles at our pawn shop?  Bring along your gun scope, accessories and ammo, along with their receipts as well.   Because each item is assessed for their value, and you can bundle them all together under one pawn ticket.  Thus, making it that much easier to reach the amount you need with a 90 day cash loan.

Pawn Rifles Loan Terms

All pawn loans from West Valley Pawn and Guns are for 90 days.  The loan is based on the principal with added interest for the contract term.  Meanwhile, the loan can be paid off at any time during the 90 days. Paying it in full and early gets the interest pro-rated to that day.  If you are unable to pay it off within the 90 days, we can work with you.  With paying just the interest accrued, we can extend the loan for another 90 days.  Once the loan is satisfied, we will return your rifle to you that same day!

West Valley Pawn and Guns has provided Avondale, Tolleson and Litchfield Park with the cash they need for over a decade! 

Serving Avondale, Phoenix, Glendale, Goodyear and the Greater Phoenix Area with Pawn and Loans today!